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URBAN Development

The issues of Urban Revitalization and Sprawl are having very unique and interesting effects on regions throughout the United States. In Greater Cleveland, there are many factors and conditions that have led and continue to lead to sprawl. Race, schools, jobs, housing, industry relocation are a few of those critical factors that have led to the decay of the City of Cleveland's core and the early stages of decay in inner ring suburbs. Couple this with New Economy transformations in business and the need for more cooperation on a regional level for economic advantage, and the result is a dilemma that mandates cooperation among all regional players. Meanwhile, the conditions that led to sprawl and urban decay are still manifested and exacerbated in the daily lives of all individuals, families and businesses in the region.

PolicyBridge plans to study the affects of Urban Revitalization/Sprawl vs. Regionalism and respond in the following ways:

  • Support the rebuilding of the City of Cleveland and inner ring suburbs
  • Attempt to comprehensively address the needs of K-12 educational systems in the region
  • Support regionalism as a means of economic advantage for the region and the state that is fair and equitable to all of the various constituencies affected by initiatives related to regionalism

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